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View from Lisle Fånefjell. The village of Longerak with Berenesodden behind it. Frøyrakshorga to the right.
Participants in 2010.
Foto: Tonje Langerak
A family enjoying the walk in 2011.
Foto: Tonje Langerak

Fånekleivsmarsjen is an annual, about 4 km long, walk that has taken place every last Sunday in June since 1978. It starts and ends at the lay-by on the south side of the tunnel through Fånekleiva, and usually the registration takes place there between 13 and 14 hrs. It utilizes one of the old roads traversing it, the old post road from the 1840s, and is well suited for all ages and families. The organisation behind this walk starting and ending at the same place, is Bygland Bygdekvinnelag.

Bygdekvinnelaget also arranges a nature walk with questions regarding the nature at Fånekleiva during the walk, and the peak of Lisle Fånefjell is a good place to picnic if you bring food and drink while you enjoy the view. First time walkers will receive a diploma and a badge, and for people returning there are different awards, every fifth year.

The walk has so far been moved from Fånekleiva only once, in 1998. Severe flooding and rainfall resulting in rockfall and landslip made the road impassable. That year the walk had to be moved to Landeskogen.

83 participated in 2013, and 38 of them were first timers. After drawing lots among all the walkers, Martin Aslaksen won «Deltakarstaken» (participant's candlestick) for 2013. Tone Omnes, Anne Berit Honnemyr and Finn Honnemyr received the candlestick marking their twentieth anniversary, while Steffen Lund, Anne Bakke and Sigrid Upsal were given theirs for their tenth walk. Turid Greibrokk won the nature walk, and was also awarded with a handmade candlestick from Glashytta.[1]


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